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Media Coverage

At 2015/12/25 Japanese hobby magazine "Hobby Japan 2016/02 issue", our Diorama Sheet & Diorama Sheet mini introduction article was published in the spread.


Campany Profile


2016-08 Office moved Nishisakurachou to Oyamadamatori.
2015-12 Diorama Sheet mini, new release.
2015-02 Office moved from Kanagawa to Miyagi
2014-10 YouTube Cannel "HAKONIWAGIKEN" release
2014-09 Model brand "Hakoniwa-Giken" release
2013-10 Company formation


OEM provides & With respect to tie-up planning

We are available upon request of the OEM diorama sheet that matches the new product launch, etc. of each manufacturer. Hakoniwagiken's diorama sheets can dramatically expands customer satisfaction.
For full OEM on your offer, For new product release in the tie-up, etc.We will respond to your request as much as possible, please feel free to contact us please. From the inquiry e-mail address,


With respect to imaging product offerings

If when you want to use our diorama sheet in shooting of new products, please feel free to contact us.
When expressed credits we provide diorama sheet for free. (You do not need to return)

If you buy the our diorama sheet, it is all right even in non-credit notation. (Of course, We are very happy if credit notation)
By leveraging our diorama sheet in the photograph of goods, attractive of your goods is up.
From the inquiry e-mail address, please feel free to contact us.