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What's Hakoniwagiken Diorama Sheet(Ground Foil) Series?

"Hakoniwagiken Diorama Sheet (Ground Foil)" is "simple," "Easy," a diorama support products to enjoy.3D diorama is Expensive, Dificult, and need a space. But it is solved if diorama sheet.



Background sheet is very great in high-resolution printing. Previously powerful diorama was difficult. However, you can immersive dioramas and if diorama sheet.

Diorama is if there is a technich and cost, quality goes up. However, it will be much more difficult. And, it is hard to even keep and store the diorama work after completion. That's because you need space. As of museums and galleries, when it was space that is secured broad space it does not become a problem. However, many are not.

At that time, this "Hakoniwagiken's diorama sheet" will be the turn.

And the biggest benefit is, it is storability that can be housed in a compact when not in use. In addition, you can cut into free form, you can also change the combination depending on the mood. Since the high-resolution printing, you can use in a 3D diorama of the base and background.

When you are watching your favorite models and figures, or never thought "different background might be good"?

If you are familiar with the PC, it is also available digital synthesis in virtual space. However, it takes technology and effort. Still, real diorama is different from the virtual. Actually a variety of things that can be freely viewed from your favorite angle from the angle is one of them.

Motto of miniature garden Giken is a "Do it thoroughly, if it's hobby". In diorama sheet of Hakoniwagiken, enjoying your hobby!