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DSF-014 [FREE Mountain2]

Product Information Mountain background of DSF-001, there was popular. Demand of infinite consolidated there were many. In the foreground correspondence of layout, it is still a high-resolution specification. 1/150 N scale, 1/80 HO scale, also available as a diorama background, such as various other plastic model.
About Scale 1/200 to 1/12 (Only it is a reference)
Product Name Diorama Sheet "Mountain2" (FREE scale)
Product Model DSF-014
Spec (FREE Scale) 900mm X 600mm High Resolution Double Side Printing
(Same 2 sheets included)
Material Paper
JAN-CODE 4589926680429
Price USD18.00- (without Tax, Shipping)
Package PaperBox (Size:88mm X 618mm X 88mm)


Layout Sample (Sample product is not included in this product)

layout sample image for DSF-014 layout sample image for DSF-014  

Product that was used for the sample layout

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